Workshops and Training

You know your business and industry. We know growth marketing and what has worked well for organisations such as yours. The best synergies can be created via collaboration and empowering your team members with solid industry knowledge how to apply growth marketing to your business.

We offer the following formats of workshops and trainings:
In-house workshop with an organisation
Individual on-job training
Finding and on-boarding new team members to the team

Our team members have educated over 5000 individuals and empowered them to start their professional transition to growth marketing. Here are fascinating stats:

  • Our team members have trained teams in well known international companies such as Rabobank, ING, Philips.
  • We co-create the best-selling Udemy course Growth Hacking with Digital Marketing (34.000 students and counting)
  • We have trained more than 70 organisation in the UK, in the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Slovenia.

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In-house workshops are a perfect start of our collaboration. We will give you a crash course in the selected areas that are relevant for your business and engage your team in co-creating the growth marketing strategy for your organisation using the proven methodology. At the end of the workshop, your team will gain a solid understanding of the growth marketing field and key competitive value drivers that apply to your business.

The average number of actionable growth experiments and action points that are developed at such a workshop is 70-100 per target audience that we are developing a strategy for. Those experiments and improvements guide your team to fast wins and we teach you the process of how to implement them.

Specialised expert workshops in our portfolio:

  • Core workshop: Growth Marketing strategy
  • Introduction to data science and AI
  • Analytics and business intelligence
  • User journey and UX improvements on the website
  • Conversion rate optimisation for e-commerce
  • Performance marketing- Advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, twitter and Bing
  • Lead generation for B2B companies
  • Customer success
  • Growing by building and nurturing a strong community
  • Branding, positioning and public speaking

Why GMC Training?

Hands-on approach
We firmly believe that by empowering people to apply growth methodology on their own use cases, they get the best value added for their business and professional development. All workshops that we do are very hands on and tailored to the specific needs of the attendees. Learning by doing is the most impactful way to obtain new knowledge, this is why every training we do contains practical work on computer based on pre-written scripts and with the assistance of the trainer.

We collaborate with global leaders in the field
We follow the methodology recommended by Sean Ellis, the father of the discipline and we partnered up with globally leading community of experts of the growth strategy field, team and got an access to the best teaching materials used by companies such as Spotify, eaze and moz://a to bring our attendees the best possible experience.

100% Personalised materials
Before we do any training with an organisation, we do a solid research of the industry. Upon agreeing with the client what the best curriculum content for them is, we prepare a personalised training program. We do not present generic slides and we avoid to share knowledge which is not directly applicable to clients’ business. There is no one size fits all in growth marketing.