Unlock your Growth Potential with the Father of Growth Hacking

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We Invited the Legendary Silicon Valley Marketer who invented DropBox Referral system to join us in Slovenia and he said yes!

Who is Sean Ellis and why should you care?

Sean Ellis is one of the few people who can claim that he revolutionised the workings of a company that’s now a household name, and he did it twice. He first and propelled Dropbox and then Eventbrite to hyper-growth by setting up processes and instilled an experimental culture resulting in companies that are now worth billions.

Sean Ellis is the 6th most quoted marketing influencer globally. After co-authoring a book Hacking Growth in 2017, it soon became one of the most popular readings for marketers that understand that change is the only constant.

Sean invented a discipline that inspired millions of people around the globe and became a movement that new-age marketing is agile, lean and interdisciplinary sport. How many other marketers do you know who managed to shape the history? 500.000+ members of community would agree that Sean Ellis importantly shaped their career path.


Short Bio

Sean Ellis is founder of the world’s biggest growth hacking community (500.000+ members). Wonder why? Sean invented the term growth hacking methodology to a systematic approach to global exponential growth that he has created as a former growth leader at Dropbox, Eventbrite and Lookout. Before that Sean served as VP Marketing at two startups (LogMeIn and from launch to NASDAQ IPO filings. Sean has appeared on MSNBC, been published in Forbes and The Wall Street Journal, and is the coauthor of Hacking Growth: How Today’s Fastest Growing Companies Drive Breakout Success, Crown Books (Random House). Sean is a board-member of Growth Boulevard, creator of North StaR, following and influencing key and strategic decisions regarding the company as a whole, always with a growth mindset and a laser focus on customers’ needs.

Sean Ellis led growth at:

You know that “campaign-based marketing” is broken and that growth levers are hidden in unlikely places

You are probably reading this, because we share the DNA of rapid experimentation, high velocity testing and “learning by doing” attitude in marketing, business development and growth.
You understand that sometimes it is better to do 50 things and one of them will definitely work than to plan one thing for half a year and put all the eggs in a single basket and hope for the best.
Growth is not a silver bullet that a crazy genius or a wizard shoots at your business. It is a process of constant experimentation and improvements, which becomes systemised in an organisation. But you know that. This is why you are here.

And who better to talk about this than inventor of the growth hacking discipline himself…

“Sean Ellis is a pioneer of growth hacking. He is definitely more than just (another) theoretical lecturer, but has tangible, measurable and verifiable successes behind him that few can match. His insights into how to set up growth processes and create hyper-growth on a global scale are rare knowledge, doubly so in our local environment, making this is a must-attend event.”

Simon Belak is one of the earliest believers in growth hacking discipline who works as a mad scientist at He is one of the most respected and well-liked people in Slovenian Growth Hacking community.

Expect to get firm foundations for your future growth program

Sean Ellis will give a keynote speech in Ljubljana. The content of the keynote will answer the following questions:

  • How to find opportunities to grow my company?
  • Which metric should I optimise for?
  • How to set up growth goals and objectives for your team?
  • How to kick-off or evolve growth process in my company?
  • What is a growth team and how to build one?
  • How to invent and prioritise experiments?
  • How to measure the results and learned from them?

The lecture is filled with practical examples and we secured enough time for the Q&A where you’ll have a chance to ask Sean specific questions.

Event agenda:

17:30- 18:00 Registration and Networking

18:00-20:00 Sean Ellis’s Keynote speech & Q&A

20:30-21:00 Lightning talk by Dani Hart Evolve into an enlightened growth leader 

20:30 onwards- Networking and socialising

P.s. 📚Don’t forget to bring Hacking Growth at the event ✍if you own the book 😉 Pps. Growth hacking Slovenia (2100+ members) is your go-to group


Drop us a line. We’ll be with you soon. We care 💙